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Expert survivalists advise people to stock up on these emergency kits

Between a pandemic, climate-related catastrophes, surging crime, and news of conflicts across the globe, it’s no surprise that the global market for incident and emergency management is projected to climb tremendously over the next few years.To get more news about hemostatic granule syringe applicator, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests that all Americans should follow a 12-step guide to preparing for emergencies, including practicing emergency drills, safeguarding important documents, and assembling a supply kit.

Unfortunately, the relatively simple process of putting together an emergency plan, does not happen in many households. According to the CDC, nearly half of U.S. adults still do not have the resources and plans in place in the event of an emergency.

If you’re still part of the half of Americans who has not prepared for an emergency, don’t fret. The New York Post spoke with three survival specialists to understand the ins-and-outs of preparing for emergencies.

Retired Special Forces Combat Veteran, Mykel Hawke, emphasized that emergency kits are especially important for self-sustainability. “It is important to everyone, all the time, to live,” said Hawke. “That common sense statement is often not considered by everyone as many feel someone will be there to assist them in a ‘real’ emergency.” Hawke advises that it is better to err on the side of safety, since no response agency can be everywhere at once. He stresses the importance of keeping a food and water supply in your every-day bag, car, and at home.
<img src="https://www.ogmagazine.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/A-selection-of-the-haemostatic-products-available-on-the-market.jpg">
Laura Zerra, who starred on the show Naked and Afraid, has spent over 15 years surviving in major ecosystems around the world. She suggests being prepared with three different types of emergency kits, one for the wilderness, one for medical supplies, and another to keep in your car. “I don’t think anyone should go into the wilderness without a wilderness survival kit,” said Zerra. “My car always a few key items on hand, and a first aid kit is always a part of all these kits.”

Matt Tate, the owner of American Survival Co., has spent years training students in the art of survival. He recently led a group of young adults through a wilderness survival retreat in Netflix’s hit show, “Snowflake Mountain.” Tate believes that training and navigation courses always trump gear. “Without the proper training and understanding, some of the items listed below will be useless or significantly less effective,” said Tate. “Take some classes, learn some new skills and start adopting a mindset of self reliance and self rescue now, before you need them.”
Wilderness Kits
According to the experts, if you plan on spending time exploring the outdoors, hunting, fishing or hiking, it’s always important to carry a small survival kit with you. Some of the items every kit should have are a water filter, a fire making method, emergency shelter, headlamp, whistle, signaling device, and some wound care items.
This kit features 190 pieces of comprehensive first aid supplies, including survival tools, fishing lures, a lamp, and even some bandages and minor wound care supplies. To boost this kit up even more, consider adding your own LifeStraw, too.

This kit includes 72-hours worth of food and water for two people. In addition to basic tools and medical care, it also features an emergency weather radio, emergency shelters, fire starters, and pocket chainsaws.

One of the most advanced kits on the market, this evacuation suitcase is designed to sustain a family of six for up to 72 hours.

With it’s extendable handle bar and wheeled frame, you can carry or pull this 23-pound evacuation kit right out of the house like a suitcase. All tools and supplies are expertly organized into eight cartridges — one for water, food, safety, warmth, tools, and first aid.
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