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Water, Laurel Glycol Polyether Sulfate Sulfate, Coconut Oil Amide Propyl Beet-alkali, Coconut Oil Amide Dea, Methyl Coconut Oil Sodium Taurine, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Peg-80 Water Pearl Glycolic Laceromate, Chloride Chloride, Chloride Chloride Sodium, Dmdm Byecoride, Flavors, Citric Acid. Edta Sodium, Propylene Glycol, Ninological Winter Flowers Extract, Buds Of Buds, And Cinnamon Root Extracts
Shower gel (also shower cream or body wash) is a specialized liquid product used for cleaning the body during showers.
It's better to use body wash or shower gel if you typically notice that your skin feels dry, stripped, or flaky after a shower. Body wash, in particular, contains hydrating ingredients meant to coat your skin and seal in moisture.
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